Your first step to achieving your family’s college dreams

From test prep, to college selection, to figuring out how to pay for it, the process of sending a student to college is stressful and daunting.  With the cost of college increasing almost exponentially, and the world of college admissions getting more competitive every year, it is helpful to have a partner who can help guide you through this process.  We can be that partner.

To start the process, we encourage you to attend one of our complimentary College Planning Events.  These events are geared towards all high school students (freshman to seniors) and their families.  Throughout the session, we walk you through the basics of filling out financial aid forms (including the FAFSA) to help you maximize your eligibility for financial aid, and we provide other strategies to fund college, even if you do not qualify for aid.

At these complimentary events, you will:

  • Understand how financial earnings count against your financial aid application
  • Discover how to get ahead by developing your college financial plan
  • Learn where to find and apply for scholarship opportunities
  • Identify ways to uniquely position your child to get into their dream school
  • Learn ways to increase your tax deductions
  • Learn how to get your child actively engaged in the college planning process
  • Recognize how your assets are classified when calculating a family contribution

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