Bethany was raised in Manchester, Connecticut. Her high school career consisted of basketball, music involvement, and academics. After graduating high school, she moved to the cornfields of Ohio to attend Cedarville University. She graduated with a degree in youth ministry with a focus in counseling. She then moved to Northern-Virginia to pursue her career path further. While in college, Bethany worked as an Admissions Office Assistant where her passion for helping students through the college application process grew. Recently, she has moved back home and was led to her position here at ACP.

Best Part of the Job

“I enjoy getting to know the families and students that we work with. Each student has such unique giftings and passions that make it so much fun to help them discover the perfect place to spend their college years.”

Biggest Challenge Students Face

“I think there are so many voices in a student’s life (sometimes too many) – whether it be social media, their teachers, their peers, the news, their family. Being a teenager is already so confusing, so having to distinguish these voices on what is true and right can be hard at times. This same problem can come up in the college process and that’s why we want to help you clearly walk through the college process and alleviate the stress.”

Advice to Students and Parents

“In the process of college searching, I believe the most important thing you can do is to be flexible and consistent. There are so many incredible schools, and the right fit is out there for each student, but it may not be the first school that is on your mind. We want to encourage you to take the time, use the resources we provide, and put in the time to find the perfect fit that is right for you. Each student comes with such unique abilities, characteristics, and desires; and it takes a consistent search and flexibility to find their college.”

The Details

Pets: 4 Dogs
Hobbies: Crafting, Movies, Gym
Siblings: 2 Younger Brothers & 2 Younger Sisters
Current Location: Manchester, CT

15 super-important questions to get to know Bethany

  1. If you were on an island by yourself and could only choose one service, which would you choose:  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or basic cable?  Netflix
  2. iPhone or Android:  Team iPhone
  3. Celebrity crush:  Tom Holland
  4. Favorite social media platform:  Instagram
  5. Does pineapple belong on pizza?  Depends on the other toppings
  6. Is a hotdog a sandwich? Nope!
  7. One place you would like to visit?  Ireland
  1. Nicknames:  Bethy
  2. Mountains or ocean?  Ocean
  3. One unusual fact about yourself:  I do photography as a side hustle!
  4. Favorite city? Washington DC
  5. Dream car:  Lagoon Blue Pearl Subaru Crosstreck
  6. Brownies with or without walnuts?  Without
  7. Famous person you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive):  Adam Sandler
  8. Do you hear“Laurel” or “Yanni?”  Laurel

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