Jeff helps parents and students plan for college without putting their retirement savings at risk. He helps parents develop an affordable plan for higher education and helps students prepare for their dream schools. “The best part of my job is working with the next generation of college students, providing a valuable resource I wish I’d had when I was going through the admissions process,” Jeff says. “Proper planning is essential. The teen years can be tough and tumultuous; however, with clear goals, success can be achieved, allowing the student to reach their highest potential.”

Born in Hawaii, Jeff spent his first two years on the Big Island before his family moved to Connecticut. At Farmington High School, Jeff focused on academics and baseball. He later studied at the University of Connecticut, where he majored in economics with a minor in accounting.

“The big thing that separates us from the traditional financial planner is the student services we provide, including mentor-coaches,” Jeff says. “We’re the experts in college planning — the financial planning for mom and dad, and the college prep for the student.”

Jeff and his wife, Alli, live in West Hartford, Connecticut, with their son, Leo, and two rescue dogs, Tuuka and Hallie. In his free time, Jeff likes to golf, fish, and attend local sporting events.

The Details

Pets:  2 Dogs – Hallie & Tuuka
Hobbies:  Golf, Reading & Fishing
Siblings:  One older brother
Current Location:  West Hartford, CT
Status:  Married

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