One of the most recent members of the team, Colby is a Maltese who was raised in Wethersfield, CT.  After obedience school, he moved back home until he joined the Advanced College Planning team. In his spare time he likes to hunt for frogs, lounge on his float in the pool, and play with his favorite toy monkey.

Best Part of the Job

Belly rubs from strangers.

Biggest Challenge Students Face

Probably missing their pets. Especially their dogs. Definitely their dogs.

Advice to Students and Parents

Keep your tail wagging and don’t bark at strangers. Focus on the ones that give you treats.

Meet the Team - Colby

The Details

Pets: David & Leslie
Hobbies: Running around, Searching for scrap food, Trying to get people to pet me
Siblings: Two older “brothers” at home: Casper (Samoyed) and Cubby (teddy bear)
Current Location: Dog pillow
Status: Dating a little Havanese named Cora

15 super-important questions to get to know Colby

  1. If you were on an island by yourself and could only choose one service, which would you choose:  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or basic cable?   What is a Netflix?
  2. iPhone or Android:  iMilkbone
  3. Celebrity crush:  Cesar Millan
  4. Favorite social media platform:  Woof
  5. Does pineapple belong on pizza?  I’ll eat anything
  6. Is a hotdog a sandwich?  Is this a trick question?
  7. One place you would like to visit?  The other side of the fence
  1. Nicknames:  Good boy, Bad boy
  2. Mountains or ocean?  Fire hydrant
  3. One unusual fact about yourself:
  4. Favorite city?  David or Leslie’s lap
  5. Dream car:  I’ll chase anything
  6. Brownies with or without walnuts?  I’m not allowed to have chocolate.
  7. Famous person you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive):  Toto
  8. Do you hear “Laurel” or “Yanni?”  Laurel

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