David has an extensive background in high school education and leadership. He is a graduate from the University of New Hampshire, holding a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Science, as well as a 6th year professional degree in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University. He is also a licensed insurance professional. His eight years as a certified biology, general science and chemistry teacher, in all grade levels of high school, has provided David with far-reaching experience in the instruction and assessment requirements students face as they prepare themselves for college.

Transitioning from teaching to educational leadership for the past thirteen years has given him the opportunity to work with families and learn about their expectations, concerns and planning knowledge regarding their children’s future. David resides in Wethersfield, CT with his wife, Susan and daughter, Stephanie. Having recently gone through the college planning process for his daughter, David also brings a personal and thorough parental perspective to the college planning process.

David DeCarli

15 super-important questions to get to know David

  1. If you were on an island by yourself and could only choose one service, which would you choose:  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or basic cable?  Amazon Prime 
  2. iPhone or Android:  iPhone 
  3. Celebrity crush:  Kate Beckinsale
  4. Favorite social media platform:  None
  5. Does pineapple belong on pizza?  Absolutely NOT
  6. Is a hotdog a sandwich?  No 
  7. One place you would like to visit?  Hawaii 
  1. Nicknames:  Dave, DD
  2. Mountains or ocean?  Ocean
  3. One unusual fact about yourself:  I’ve moved furniture for over 35 years.
  4. Favorite city? Cleveland 
  5. Dream car:  Range Rover Sport
  6. Brownies with or without walnuts?  Without
  7. Famous person you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive):  Gordan Ramsay
  8. Do you hear “Laurel” or “Yanni?”  Yanni

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