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College Prep

Like every college, each student is unique, and finding the best fit for the student is key to his/her success. We use student positioning tools like Career Cruising, as well as our extensive experience, to help each student find their direction and ideal set of schools.

Admission and Application

To get students into the colleges of their choice, we utilize SAT and ACT prep courses, essay review, and mock interviews to improve their position and help them stand out among the crowd. We also provide students with timelines and checklists to help them stay focused and hit deadlines. We even assist with appeal strategies, if needed.

Financial Aid Assistance

With so many sources for financial aid, it can be difficult to know where to look or how to complete the forms. Our team assists with all financial aid forms to ensure they are optimally filled out and submitted on time. Additionally, we work with families to increase opportunity for any financial aid appeals.

Scholarship Support

Differentiating yourself among other students can be challenging. Our team works with students on the formation of their scholarship essays, as well as submission. Our student mentors help students identify scholarships at their best fit schools, and provide advice on finding additional scholarship opportunities.

On-Going Student Support

A family’s support for their students does not stop once they leave for college; neither does ours.  Once students are admitted and off to college, we continue to provide support. Whether it is for study abroad, internships, or their full-time position, we continue to mentor coach our students throughout the process.

Additional Financial Services

Finding proper funding for college is often the biggest challenge for many families.  To help, we provide them with a current college savings analysis, optimal positioning for need-based aid, and a cash flow strategy to fund college for all their children.  These strategies are created without disruption to retirement plans and, after college, can extend into lifelong financial plans.

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